• 68% of Americans own a home in 2020

    • That is 4% higher than the ownership rate in late 2019

  • The median existing-home price was $226,700 in 2020.

    • West Virginia has the lowest median home value in the U.S. at $107,064.

    • Hawaii has the highest median home value in the U.S. at $646,733.

  • 50% of buyers find their new home online

  • In 2020, millennials will account for 45% of the mortgages on the market.

    • 25% of real estate sellers in 2019 are from Generation X. 

    • In 2019, 75% of sellers sell their homes with the first realtor they contact.

  • The US housing market is worth $33.6 trillion

    •  the US real estate market now stands at $33.6 trillion, which is equal to the combined GDP of the U.S. and China.

  • In 2020, around 65% of real estate agents are female

  • 701,000 new houses were sold in the United States this year.